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Jill Cooper’s SuperJump launched in 2009 and immediately grew exponentially becoming the market leader in Jumping thanks to the method SuperJump itself and Jill Cooper’s modified rebounder. “We don’t just jump,” says Jill Cooper, “We have created an innovative way to interpret the equipment in order to get results and stimulate client retention.”

With over 25 years as a Physical Therapist and Fitness Consultant, Peter has gained a vast knowledge of biomechanical movement in the human body. The proven techniques of SuperJump are perfectly suited to Peters expert understanding of injury recovery and prevention and have sparked an exciting new wave of innovative training worldwide.






8 different methods for all ages and fitness levels

Super Jump is not about just jumping! It’s so much more! With over 240 different exercises and 8 different and unique techniques. With scientific proven results, it’s the most all-inclusive jump method on the planet.

Every SUPERJUMP class is one of a Kind. The lessons below are created to keep clients engaged and coming back for more. Women, men, young and old can all find their SuperJump to enjoy!


Check out Jill's SuperJump Original technique here


2. Super Jump


For anyone and everyone who loves to get the most out of their workout in t he least time possible. A fun circuit based class that can be done in a group or in stations! Perfect for those clients that prefer a stopwatch to a master beat! High intensity- body toning exercises that uses acceleration training at its best. No choreography.
Estimated class time: 45 minutes

1. Super Jump


The first of its kind! A fun aerobics based class that includes over 200 exercises! We don’t just jump, we construct logical exercise sequences that are always new and engaging to keep clients interested and coming back for more. The lessons include both fat burning and toning exercises with a very specific order for the trainers to follow.
Estimated class time: 55 minutes

3. Super Jump


Add an elastic band to the lesson, change the jump rhythms, the cadence and the intensity to create a new and all-inclusive method for Super Jump. Absolutely unique! Intensity trains both the upper and lower body (especially the glutes and outer thighs) in an aerobic context. The perfect total body toning technique for music lovers.
Estimated class time: 55 minutes

4. Super Jump


Inspired by and for all those that love martial arts, Kombat Jump uses rhythm genesis to create high intensity stress releasing lessons. Great for both men and women. The sequences are symmetrical using punches, knee-ups and kicks. Highly active and also targeting the abs, the jumping phase of this class is around 45 minutes.
Estimated class time: 55 minutes

5. Super Jump


Combined with the multi-grip Thunderbell this lesson is created for a high-intensity functional workout specifically designed for added weight resistance - core strength - balance and endurance. The high intensity class is built in different stations on ground and on the rebounder and is perfect for those who really want to tone and burn fat.
Estimated class time: 45 minutes

6. Super Jump


Pre-choreographed songs, crazy energy, fun moves and smiles galore, Hot Dance is designed to be fun yet meet very specific fat burning objectives. The trainers are enabled to create their classes using specific guidelines to obtain their group’s combined goals, all the while having a whole lot of fun.
Estimated class time: 55 minutes

7. Super Jump


The newest entry into the Super Jump Academy Core Stability is inspired by the wholistic approach to fitness and is concentrated on correct posture and form in every position. Excellent for core strength, toning and joint stability. Perfect for those who love yoga and pilates and are looking for a new way to tone and balance.
Estimated class time: 55 minutes

8. Super Jump


Children naturally love to jump. Its in t heir DNA. Junior Jump is designed specifically for different ages groups and learning levels. It’s not just “jumping”, its about peer engagement, coordination, rhythm, increasing self esteem and leadership skills all the while letting the children play and work-off excess steam and energy.
Estimated class time: 55 minutes


Scientifically proven results:

  • Stimulates up to 191% more muscle fibers
  • Helps increase metabolism up to 14%
  • Lessens impact force around 85%
  • Improves lymph flow up to 1400%
  • Stimulates endorphin production
  • Improves equilibrium
  • Fortifies connective tissue and bone
  • Boosts the immune system up to 500%
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Protects joints and back
  • Improves cholesterol levels
  • Helps lose weight FASTER than normal exercise!!
  • Fun and Functional




Step 1: Learning is a Process

4 different Formation courses to fully understand and physically apprehend

the necessary skills to become a Certified Super Jumper Original

  1. Base Jumper
  2. Advanced Jumper
  3. Total Body Jump
  4. Certified Superjumper

Step 2: Continuing Education

After the first level of Super Jump Original teachers may continue their education with the other techniques that are in line with their personal preferences:

  • SuperJump Intensity
  • Super Jump Thunderbell
  • SuperJump Hot Dance
  • SuperJump Kombat
  • SuperJump Core Stability
  • Superjump Junior


Please contact us for more details on individual courses

 Kill, Co. Waterford, Ireland T. +353 87 246 4939 H. Monday - Friday, 09:00 - 17:00

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  • Half folded glavanised frame
  • 8 chrome plated spring loaded legs
  • Extra stitching permatron mat
  • Extra parts per kit

Size: 122cm

Maxium user weight: 150kg


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